Deadly Sausages Battle Report

My friend just sent me a link to his new battle report. You have to give these guys some credit for writing all of this down, and taking all these pictures! Definitely nice job!

I’m wondering if they have used these paper-arrows to indicate charges during the game, or was this done specifically for the battle report. I need to email him and ask 😛 Because if they did, then I should probably introduce them to this thing called photoshop… Or in worst case MS Paint hehe

If they used it to indicate charges in-game then that’s cool. I actually think this is an excellent idea. It nicely shows you what is going on while you plot and ponder you next moves.

This reminds me about that article in White Dwarf, in which some guy proposed using “wound rings” to indicate suffered wounds on multi wound creatures. Using counters other than dice in general is a good idea. Kill counters, flee counters and etc really help to visualize what is going on on the battlefield. I especially like the cartoonish dust cloud they used for the fleeing model in the report.

Oh, btw – I’m responsible for the logo of their gaming club – “The Deadly Sausages”. So that image you have been staring at for the past 5 minutes is that logo. I didn’t come up with the name – I just made the picture 😛


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