New Windows Saga Continues

Recently I commented on the new name for Longhorn. J. Marcus Xavier from Very Small Doses just sent me this spoof on the Vista promotional image. Click on the image for a larger pic. Hehe…

You can read his original post here. I agree completely! Longhorn is not much more than spiffied up XP with more DRM, and more eye candy. But we knew that for a while now. And we also could expect that they will be hyping the newest version of windows, like it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Especially since there is very little incentive to upgrade. Win2k is rock solid (or as rock solid as windows can be) and XP is both cutesy and quite stable.

You can expect Longhorn/Chicken to be the most over hyped piece of software released next year. That is, if they do release it on time 😛


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