Damn! I’m getting popular!

I just got hit by a comment-script that posted 36 big messages to one of the entries here. This is why I turned off Anonymous posting. This should make it slightly more difficult to spam me. If I get more blogspam after this, I’m turning on the invitation-only mode.

The thing is – I’m not going to tolerate some script-kiddie flood posting vile, offensive racial comments on my blog. If I find crap like that again, I’m deleting it without a warning. You want to comment – stay on topic an play nice. I like to hear other people’s opinions even when I don’t agree with them šŸ™‚ If you want to post offensive crap, do it on your own blog!

On the other hand, it shows that my presence on the intenets is more visible now. If people can spam me, then it means they can find me relatively easy. This blog was lying dormant for a while here, and no one was posting. But ever since I started using technorati, and submitted to various blog listings, I can slowly see the traffic picking up. So I guess this was just a matter of time.

In conclusion: blog spammers are retards! script kiddies floodposting racial slurs should be shot in the face! No more Anonymous posting privileges on this blog!


heh… Now I know who crapflooded me. This is hilarious! Thank you for enlightening me kid! I think you have really proved your point. I must be a looser because I blog about things that I care about. I suck because I post on slashdot every once in a while. On the other hand you must be a really cool dude. You apparently spend your day flooding blogspot, and teaching people like me a lesson. Then you go and brag about it to your buddies on your BBS. Because when I do it, it’s groupthink – but when you do it, it is.. I don’t know. Activism? After all you are the big shit nihilist! Good for you! Whatever…

Oh well, I’m glad you had your fun. I bet you buddies really dig what you have done here. That site gave me a good laugh. Eh… I’m not going to waste any more of my time on this. Thanks for stopping by.


3 Responses to “Damn! I’m getting popular!”

  1. BlogTerrorism Says:

    Yes, when you whine on your blog and it just HAPPENS to follow the same format of intellectually void geek-babble as everyone else, it IS groupthink.

    The thing about ANUS is that most of us are very open (pun intended). I don’t have to pretend to agree with alot of what S.R. Prozak writes or what anyone else believes. The only values we share in trolling is the end result – we want to disrupt, confuse, anger, and waste your time.

    The difference between people like us and people like you is that any of the common values we share are based on accepting them through a process of logic and reason. People like you “blog” and try to fit in to the Slashbot (and related) communities for the sake of being accepted and feeling that you are acting the right way.

    -Big Shit Nihilist

  2. Luke Says:


    Only problem is – I don’t care what shlashdot people think. I did not make this blog to fit in with the Slashdot crowd. But I am a geek, and geeks tend to agree on technology related subjects.

    It’s not like I can convince you though, so I’m not even going to try. You already made up your mind about me.

    I’m not going to respond to this anymore.

  3. infoterror Says:

    This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

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