Big deal over “Hot Coffe”

I haven’t played GTA:SA, nor have I tried the “Hot Coffee” mod. But I don’t really see what the big deal is. Allot of people seem to be upset. Especially parent groups who want the game to be recalled and the rating to be changed. Now, I’m not a parent so I might lack the parental experience – but here is my take on this. If you bought this game for your child you are an idiot.

The label on the game clearly says that the game includes violence, drug use, sexual dialog and situations. The game is called Grand Theft Auto. If you think it is ok for your child, to play a game in which you steal cars, do drugs, kill people and either curse, or spew out sexual innuendos every 5 seconds then you need your head checked. If you think that your kid is mature enough for this stuff, then a silly sex mini game should not make a difference.

If you really want to shelter your 17 year old kid – don’t let him buy the game! But by this time he should already know about the birds and the bees, and since you allow him to play this violent game he probably also saw some R rated movies too. Which means that this little game mod will not damage his value system any more than the late night HBO special.

If you ignored the rating and bought this game to a kid younger than 17 you are a retard and it is your own fault. He should be not playing this game in the first place!

As far as I know, the hot coffee content did not make into the final release, and was never intended to be unlocked. Simply some lazy developer probably forgot to rebuild the binaries or something like that. You basically have to patch the game to unlock this. So changing the rating makes little or no sense. The final release of the game does not contain any explicit content – and the ratings are based on the game play. No one in their right mind would want to investigate the binary code in order to rate the game. In fact this would probably be considered reverse engineering and violate the game’s EULA!

I think the parents should shut up. Perhaps if they would do more of actual parenting, and less of parental activism, their kids would not be playing games like that in the first place.


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