A reason to watch BSG.

People have been telling that the Battlestar Gallactica series is awesome. I saw the miniseries, that spawned the show but it kinda annoyed me. So I never really got into the series.

Maybe I should be more open minded? I’m willing to give it another chance, now that Season 2 just started. Especially since I just figured out that Grace Park is kinda hot. I guess this is as good reason to watch the show as any 😛


2 Responses to “A reason to watch BSG.”

  1. un4scene Says:

    Ok, I’m hoping I can explain their reasons for making Starbuck a girl. Bringing the story more up to date with current military environment that includes both men and women. Simple as that.

    It also gives a nice opportunity to have richer interactions between your main characters.

  2. Luke Says:

    Yeah, and it lets them have a strong, independent female character in the lead role.

    If I remember correctly, the old BSG portrayed women mainly as wives / girlfriends / minor dramatic characters. So I guess this is also an attempt to bring the show up to speed with the spirit of politicall correctness to.

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