Classic Anime

Anyone remembers this one? Apparently the Japanese name is Dashing Kappei, but I always known this one as Gigi la Trottola 😛

I had the doubtful pleasure of watching the Italian dub, with polish voice layered on top. I never actually witnessed the original voice acting. Still, this show rocked! I think this must have been one of the first anime series that aired in Poland. We basically had this, and Yattaman. There was not much else…

Yattaman kinda sucked but it was entertaining in that silly repetitive, “you know exactly what is going to happen” way. Gigi on the other hand was hilarious 😛 At least that’s how I remember it. I’m not sure if it would stand the test of time. For example, I could never figure out why people go crazy for Lupin. When I saw it on [adult-swim] for the first time I didn’t really like it. It was old, it was not that funny, and not that exciting. But it is considered a classic, and as such I guess it’s a decent show.

In the same way Kappei would probably look like total crap if shown alongside Bepop, or Fullmetal. Yet this is the show which started it all for me.

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