Movies and Censorship

I found this interesting Wiki post on the use of the “f” word in movies via digg. Apparently the current record holder is a British movie Nill by Mouth which averages 3.67 fucks per minute (delivering around 470 fucks in total). Heh…

This movie would be a nightmare for the basic cable censors. Having to dub the word “fudge” every 2 minutes would probably be extremely painful. I think they would probably be better off just dubbing the whole dialog over πŸ˜›

Speaking of censorship – I saw Road Trip on TBS yesterday. I was just channel surfing, and I caught the beginning of it. What a waste of time. They cut out the best scene in this whole movie (which is of course Amy Smart showing her boobies). They also cut most of stiffler’s little anal adventure which was peaty funny. What really killed me is that they replaced out the “Lab” scene showing the stoner guy with a big bong like thing with a scene of him hitchhiking. The voice over was still the same though! Why did they do that?

I will never get why these self righteous stations insist on airing shows that they deem inappropriate for their audience. Every once in a while one of them takes the silliest, nude-scene driven movie and decides to show it. And then they cut out all the profanity, nudity and inappropriate bits. Road Trip actually still held it’s own after such treatment. Most movies from that genre don’t do so well.

Usually you end up with a confusing, fragmented, and unfunny pulp. They are watchable only when you already know the flick, and you can fill in the blanks. Why don’t they just drop these titles altogether? Sigh…



2 Responses to “Movies and Censorship”

  1. Dan Copulsky Says:

    I watched a few minutes of the movie Igby Goes Down on Lifetime a few weeks ago (people kept coming in asking me why I was watching Lifetime.) There was a scene where the character are disucssing how two professors could have a kid who was a jap. But, Lifetime edited it so instead of “jap” it said “brat,” which makes the character’s discussion not make quite as much sense. When me and brother saw it, we turned to each other in disbelief.

  2. Luke Says:

    Haha… Let me guess – the whole point of the movie was showing that racism is a big issue. and yet the go ahead and dub over all the racial epitets, cut out all violent scenes. What is the point in that?

    I remember watching Dumb & Dumber on TNT one day. There is one scene there in which the character drinks laxatives, and has a… Well pooping episode in the bathroom. They cut that thing out – even though it was nothing more than a long sequence of fart noises, and funy faces πŸ˜›

    And yet they left in the very graphic scene when Jim Cary imagines ripping out the guys heart with his ninja move? O_o

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