Flickr and Celebrities?

I just accidentally found Mandy Moore’s flickr account. This is interesting, as it seems to be official – not some fan posting thing. I checked it out and it is linked from her official page. Now I don’t really care about her music (but I do think she is cute) so I’m not sure how long has this been up or anything. I wonder if this is a first symptom of some larger phenomena…

In the age of easily accessible blogging, and image sharing tools like flickr, it is increasingly easier for people with little or no technical skill to find themselves a place on the net. It used to be that a celebrity had to pay some more technologically minded person to make a webpage for them, and then depended on that webmaster to maintain it for them. Case in point – many incarnations and failures of Gigi Edgley’s website. Gigi is not a big celeb, and I don’t think she could really afford a quality professionally designed website – hence, her little place on the web, went through the hands of several more-or less competent webmasters… Gigi was completely disconnected from the process, and rarely submitted some front page updates, or news items. I know because I was there – I was a big fan and a supporter.

Now, however everyone and their mother has a blog, a photo sharing account with one service or another, and a mympace account. Perhaps now we will see a rise in celebrity blogging. Of course, some celebs out there always blogged, and kept their sites up to date. That’s irrelevant though – these are the more technologically minded people. What I’m talking about, are those artists with a shitty static, never updated websites. Perhaps now, more than ever they will be able to interact with their fans via means that do not require dealing with a troublesome 3rd party (web hosting company, snooty webmaster).

Or maybe it’s just late and I’m just looking to much into this…


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