Strange Art

I stumbled upon this guys page because it got linked at boingboing. His name is Dylan Sisson and he displays his work on his webpage here. I’m not sure but these weird critters somehow speak to me. That is not in the schizophrenic weird kind of way, but in the artistically inspiring way. I have been known to doodle bizarre things similar to some of his work, at one time or another. So in a way I feel like this would be something I would draw.

On the other hand they seem to have this weird, dream quality. They resemble something that just crawled out from that half-forgotten nightmare you once had. Very odd work… But I like it.

From the page itself:

Invariably the subjects chosen by Mr. Sisson are those things that are at once compelling and repugnant, things that scribble outside of desire and disgust.

I also like the design of the page. Very clean, and white. Creates a stark contrast to these dark an murky paintings, and blends with his black & white work well. To bad that he decided to render text on the about page as a freakin gif image. Way to go Dylan! People should be shot for doing stuff like this! Good thing you are an artist and not a writer 😛


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