All must bow to the corporate overlords…

I wonder how much does it take to buy yourself a decision in supreme court. It appears that it’s not enough, because SC ruled against Gorkster today. So it’s official now. Supreme court judges are either ignorant idiots or sellable whores. I’m not sure which one is worse.

Fortunately people like Bram Cohen are still immune (for now) as they are not corporate entities and they do not advertise their product as a music/movie sharing application. So most of the non-profit open source development in this area might still be unaffected. New development model must be – open protocol, open server, open clients. That is of course until RIAA/MPAA figures out how to outlaw protocols (which seems impossible – after all http can be used to share movies too – but not completely improbable after today).

Meanwhile everyone who was making money on p2p will burn in the oncoming barrage of lawsuits. Goodbye Kazaa – we will miss you least of all. đŸ˜›

Sigh… This country is heading toward dark age of technology at astonishing pace. As of today there will be very little (if any) corporate research going into P2P. Tomorrow, we will have the broadcast flag. Then M$ will roll out Trusted Computing and we will all be fucked. How long till they take away our blogs because they compete with the news media?

Ladies and gentlemen – what you see right now, is the beginning of the end of the information age.


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