I got nothing…

I’m seriously out of things to write here… I’m finally getting a hang off sourcejammer which was kindoff imposed on me. I’m not sure what is it’s major advantage over cvs, other than it is java based and it kinda integrates with eclipse.

I found this a long time ago. It’s an amusing read, especially since it really rings true in many aspects. Watch out for the popups – there are 3 scripts and an iframe on the page you might need to addblock. I actually got a popup there with firefox just now, but after I adblocked all the scripts it loaded fine. Why am I bringing this up? Because recently I keep noticing how being a loud obnoxious, moronic fucktard somehow registers differently in female brains. I think everyone has that one friend who is a complete dick and you know it (you knew it the moment you met him) and yet you kinda don’t mind him cause he cracks you up. Somehow women manage to register the total opposite of that. Somehow for them he gives off this extremely positive vibe. Then they are very surprised when they finally figure out that this guy does not give a flying fsck about anything and anyone. At times like that I remember this stupid website and I go – ah, right – the ladder theory 😛

Finally (I don’t know if I blogged about this yet – and I’m to lazy to check) I found a real railgun! You know – the big bad weapons that the Tau use to piss of other players. I just find the fact that there is a real scientific project attempting to produce that kind of weapon extremely cool!


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