Movies I want to see…

War of the Worlds

War of the Worlds is coming out and it seems quite interesting. At least the special effects look cool. This is one of these movies that has a potential to either be really good or total crap.

I’m planning to go and see it sometime soon but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep a straight face throughout the movie. I mean come on. Tom Cruise and alien invaders!? Must not make cheesy Xenu jokes… Must not…

Hey Tom! Watch out – the Martians are coming and they want their Thethans back!

Seriously – whoever goes with me will have to listen to this type of crap throughout the whole movie, and then some more on the way back hehe 😛

Fantastic Four

I just know that Fantastic Four will suck immensely just like any other movie based on a comic book. With exception of Hellboy (which I never read in the comic book form) I hated all of them with passion. So I have zero expectations for this one. But this time I know I should be able to enjoy this movie even if it’s horrible. Two words: Jessica Alba! Yummm! If she has a reasonable amount of screen time (as she should) then I might not even notice the crappiness of the movie.

But then again, who knows. Maybe by some freak accident this might actually be a watchable movie (ogling JA notwithstanding).

Batman Begins

I should really get of my ass and go watch Batman Begins. If nothing else just to see how they mess this one up. Or to find out answer to that age-old question. Is it possible to make another batman movie that is not totally gay?

I keep hearing good things about this one but somehow I don’t really believe the reviews anymore. People were saying good things when Revenge of the Shith came out – and look what happened. Crappy crappy crap crap!

Seriously – all these comic-book based super productions are guaranteed to be blockbuster hits – so obviously no one actually cares about the quality. As long as there are couple of big names to put on the poster, lots of effective cgi and quirky ad campaign – the story might as well be non existent… Sigh…


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