Cory Doctorow is the Man

I just discovered Cory Doctorow and I’m impressed! All his books have been released under the Creative Commons license! Here are download links:

This guy totally gets it! Finally, an author who understands that sky won’t fall if you make your book avaliable for download online.

There are plenty of works that have been in public domain for ages now – and yet I still see them in the bookstores. And now Doctorow is a living proof that you can release a book under cc today, and still make heaps of money selling books!

I just downloaded his books, and will check them out. If he is any good, I sware I will make a point of buying paperback copies to support this guy! We need more writers like this!

Besides – it is a pain to read off the screen. Sometimes I like to read in the craper – I could use a PDA in there but a paper novel is so much more convinient. Not to mention that a $5 paperback novel is cheeper than the $30 ink cartrige which I will have to buy after printing a whole book.


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