I have been telling people about for quite some time now, and all I get are blank stares. I can’t be the only person who thinks that community bookmarking is a great idea – other people use it too. And yet everyone I show it to just shrugs and moves on…

Of course these are the same people who don’t even bother to install the adblock extension for their FireFox… Which I freaking installed on their machines because they would never get it otherwise. Sigh…

My biggest anoyance lately – people who INSIST on doing things the retarded way. I mean who the hell opens tabs using the right-click context menu while having a scroll-wheel mouse? You middle click the link! Geez! How hard can it be? Why don’t you save yourself one click? Aaaagh!

Same with people who do this: they pull down the file menu, choose New Tab, click in the search bar and then type the keywords. What the hell is wrong with you??? It’s CTRL+T, CTRL+K!!! It’s understandable that you might not know the shortcuts – but if I tell you how to do it every single time you want to show me some webpage – AT LEAST FREAKIN TRY IT! There is nothing more anoying than watching you do your mouse dance just after I told you the shortcut!

So anyways – I think is awesome. One thing though – write meaningfull comments people. I love checking out the user comments, but most people just leave these blank. Being able to read these comments is half the fun 🙂


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