Google Fun

I have been seeing these “interesting” google searches popping up everywhere. I really think that some of them were tweeked into by the Google db hax0rz – others are just a side effect of google-bombing (coordinated massive linking actions) done by kids with no life beyond irc/usenet.

  • This one is priceless – keyword miserable faliure has dubyas biography as the highest ranked page.
  • Interestingly unelectable gives the same results. Sigh… People should google more before voting.
  • Another priceless one – for litigious bastards the highest ranked page belongs to SCO!!!
  • This one is not a real google fluke but a clever google-pish which somehow got the highest page ranking for the keyword french military victories. The page is a really decent pish of google layout – only thing that betrays it’s orgin is the unmasked url.
  • A query for weapons of mass destruction will yield this site stylized after the infamous IE 404 page.

Ok, I’m out for now… Will post more as I find them šŸ™‚


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