4 more years of crap…

Sigh… I was convinced that America can actually do better than this. I was wrong. Apparently the real USA is the land of bible-beating conservatives, undereducated homophobic rednecks, and a sea of gullible simpletons who will swallow every lie produced by the republican propaganda machine.

Let’s see – our president has lied to us, dragged us into a pointless war, introduced backdoor draft, stripped us from our most basic privacy laws, and run our economy into the ground. Not even mentioning that he speaks the language, and that his familly has business dealings with the Bin-Ladens. Hey, let’s re-elect him.

And now, he does not even have to worry about re-election. He can do wathever he wants, and his republican buddies will make sure that we can’t easily impeach him…

This is going to be a looong 4 years…

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