I hate Microsoft!!!

Aaaarg! I’ve been noticing that all my apointments on the pocket PC have aquired one hour drift – usually they were 1 hour later, or earlier than I scheduled them. I never had time to sit and figure it out so I would usually just fix it real quick and go on…

I finally figured out wat was causing the hour drift – sync-ing with Outlook! For some wierd reason anny appointment I make in outlook appears on the pocket pc an hour later than it should after syncing. When i fix it on the pocket PC, and sync again, the appointment in outlook gets bumped up an hour earlier!

An hour and 20 something knowledge base articles later I found the reason for this. Apparently the Windows CE calendar developers completely fuxored daylight savings time and outlook botches it as well. MS KB says to enable daylight savings adjustment in Outlook calendar properties – but for the life of me I can’t do it. I check the box, hit OK then go back and it is still unchecked! Grrrr….

So after fuxing around with Outlook for nearly 2 hours I remembered why I have stopped using this piece of crap in the first place. But then I remembered that my pocket pc has the auto sync and typing appointments is easier using keyboard than using stylus… So I decided to start using outlook for my calendaring again… Gah… I wouldnt dare using it for email – to scary perspective. But I figured I might as well utilize it for callendar in an offline mode – especially since I can sync up. Well, I learned my lesson – I’m never using MS shit again!

I wish I could sync up with Sunbird… Oh well… I don’t need to sync – maybe I’ll figure it out at some point bit right now I just don’t feel like bothering. It’s just not worth my time…


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