40k New Edition

Something tells me that this whole new edition of 40k is just an elaborate ploy to make me spend god knows how much money on a brand new rulebook. But at least they didn’t invalidate the codexes so that is always a plus. I have mixed feelings about the rule changes, but I can’t really say much without reading and/or playtesting them myself.

Rhino Rush is officially gone. Good! However, let’s not forget that Space Marines can still rush from a Land Rider. But LR is big, bulky and expensive – so it usually only qualifies as a trasport for the elite hth killer squad. And one killer squad in a huge tank is acceptable…

I’m affraid though, that my Ulthwe army is getting the short end of the stick from this deal. First of all, the transport rules prevent me from rushing Banshees out of the Wave Serpent. These ladies can’t stand much punishment and they usually need to get into combat quickly. Standing in the field is not an option for them! They can’t increase the unit size to get that damage comfort zone (which is now required if they want to slug without transport, as screening rules do not apply anymore either) and they cannot be effectively delivered to the target either. As far as I can see the new rules do not offer them any usefull benefits, except for the “all engaged models fight at full effect” rule. But at a standard aspect size (10) this can often be a dissadvantage rather than an advantage, as a bigger enemy unit can now get more attacks in. This already fragile and difficult unit just became more tricky to use!

So I’m thinking that finally the famous queston “scorpions or banshees” was finally answered in favor of scorpions. With a better armor save they have a better staying power, and with infiltration rule they actually might not need a Wave Serpent.

Thanks to the rapid fire improvement, the Warp Spiders become an interesting option again. The fact that they can march right up to the enemy, then unload 20 S6 shots and then jump back behind cover creates an interesting possibilities. I havent used scorpions that much, but I might need to buy few of them now 🙂

My fire dragons really get nothing out of the deal. There seems to be some rule about AP1 weapons and vehicles, but I’m guessing this is not a major thing since the fusion guns already count as melta-weapons. However, new rules make them less expensive as there is no longer any point in giving them meltabombs. As they can’t shoot one tank and assalut another, the bombs seem kindoff redundant….

Guardians get zilch! Since shiruken catapults are Assalut weapons, the new shooting rules don’t do squat for them. However, if I’m not mistaken, the weapon platforms still count as part of the unit, and hence guardians still screen them from being shot at. So while the new no-shielding rules might be dangerous for D-cannons and such, your average weapons platform should be safe within a unit, as it always was.

While loosing ability to deliver units right into close combat, all 3 eldar tanks probably grately from the new vehicle rules. I’m saying probably cause I’m not sure if the rules have changed only for the standard tanks, or if they got ammended for skimmers too. If skimmers get the incresed mobility too, then all eldar tanks get much much better.

And finally, there was a blurb in WD that the Perils of the Warp effect is now much more dangerous. This does not sound good, but I’m not sure how much this rule changed. I’m guessing that ghosthelm is probably not the ultimate defense against perils anymore. Not good…

So it seems that even though this update killed Rhino Rush for marines, it still benefits them more than it does anyone else. In addition, SM’s seem to loose the least goodies compared to other armies…

The only Eldar army I can see getting somethign good out of this would be Saim-Hann. With the Turbo Boost on all bikes, and increased vehicle mobility they become much more flexible force! Still, not enough for me to want to try them, but better than before nevertheless…

Again, all this is just based on WD rule previews, and general gossip. I havent read the rules yet, so I have no clue what is the full extent of changes for Eldar, and any other armies. So it is possible that allot of things I just said are not valid… I might be worrying for no reson.


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