I want to KILL the Spyware makers!

I really want to do something unspeakably horrible to the nice guys that made VBouncer/ADdestoryer application. They deserve to die the most horrible deth imaginable (and no – death by snoo snoo is not an option)! How many frickin reg entries can you make? I’m sitting here all day removing this hellish crap and I still find wierd ass registry keys after Spybot and Adaware told me the machine is clean… Sigh…

And how am I supposed to stop my clueless user from installing all that garbage again??? Gah! Two weeks from now I will have this laptop back with the same problem… Though I edited his host file to redirect the most notorious spyware/addware/popup producers…

I hate the fucking bastards! They should burn in hell for making applications like that!!!


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