Religious Forwards

Why the hell do people insist on forwarding cute little religious emails to everyone on their address book? Usually I get that stuff on a weekly basis and it only gets more obtrusive around holidays…

I mean, I understand being religious an all that stuff, but how lame are these emails? Calling them shallow would be attributing to much depth to them altogether. Does every religion has shit like that or is it only us Christians who insist on sending everyone cutsey Jesus rhymes with mandatore lame-ass animated smily face gifs.

Yes! Thank you kind email buddies. You just enlightened me with this amazingly crafted, only slightly misspelled, painfully colorfull, and insultingly animated text about how God loves me. Now my soul is saved, so I do not need any more of these… Please!

Sigh… Out of all the forward chains these are probably the most anoying…

But while we are at it, could we also plese stop with the “Microsoft/AOL/IBM/Shmakelpapenpuff Foundation will give you 1 cent for every person you send this to” emails? I’m getting tired of explaining people how this is scam. Geez… They don’t even seem to teach math to people these days – this is a pure exponential function, and the amount of money one entity would have to spend to pay all of these emails grows so fast that wit would even make MS go bankrupt within a month or so… Which makes this whole concept ridiculus… I keep explaining that, and yet I keep getting these emails some way…


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