I do not care

I discovered an interesting thing recently. My life is so dull and uninteresting that I’m really stopping to care about anything. And the fact that I do not give a flying fuck about 98% of the stuff that is going on in my life is the exact reason why I can deal so well with all this dullness, and be so damn upbeat about life in general.

Unhappiness is just a state of consciousness. And for the large part, people who feel miserable all the time, put themselves in that sad state of mind all on their own. Let’s face it – anyones life for the most part is dull and crappy. The good thing is that in between the dullness, and the crapfalls we all eventually find on our way, there are nice pleasant moments worth savoring. And believe it or not – this is all we get. Short bursts of happiness here and there, and then dull and crappy reality all around.

And if you expect more than this, then you are one of those miserable fucks who spend all their lives complaining about how they never did anything with their lives. I say screw it. Why worry about all this dull and stupid stuff if you could be much more content with yourself thinking about the next happy moment?

And yes – I am a total looser. But litte stuff makes me happy. If the only thing that keeps me sane is counting down the till I can get home and read slashdot, write some code, read a book, or watch adult swim then so be it. All the other stuff in between is just a time filler. You just get though it, and do the best damn job you can – cause after all other people think this stuff is important. And since these other people make the rules, it’s not really beneficial to go against them, unless you really think you can achieve something beneficial through it.

But then again every once in a while I kinda look back at my life and have a reflection moments like this one right here. And I kindoff think “Damn, all this sucks! How the hell do I put up with all this crap on a daily basis.” And than I go and post stupid blog entries which no one will read anyway instead of going to sleep…

So my point is… Well, that there is no point… No point in anything, but that’s ok. Because who cares anyway 🙂


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