Preparing for the switch…

I just need to do few more things and I will be able to do leave the d0ze world behind… Right now I’m still in the process of backing up all my data (in case instal craps out). Btw, I just noticed that winrar actually packages stuff in 700 MB rarfiles. I’m preaty sure I didnt set that up so it must be a built in feature. That will grately speed up my backup – I’ll just tell winrar to save everything from here, to there and go to sleep šŸ™‚

Next step is to make sure I can recover fom a shitfall during the boot manager instalation… If we crap out at that stage I will be going nuts!

I think I might burn another copy of mandrake just in case mine got some crazy burn-time errors. I really want this to go smoothly, and knowing my luck bad shit allways happens to me in situations like that one.

Hmmm… I wonder if 9.2 comes with any kind of java support? Cause that is the first thing I need there. I’m writing this from Knoppix and it actually has gcj here…

And lets face it, I’m going to be on a dual boot. I still need XP for the newer games, for little .NET projects and to fidle around with AGS – unless I can find a replacement for this, or if I can run AGS from WINE…


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