Summer Plans

Now that my finals are over, and I’m about to graduate and get my BS (for those unfamiliar with academic degrees BS stands for Bull Shit which still wont get you a job in IT) I can have more time to waste. And unlike other wastful summers, this time I actually have a game plan:

First I need to install Linux – i think it’s about time to dual boot my main machine at home. Considering the unhealthy amounts of time I spend working on SPARC machines, and fidling with the live distros, I think I should just get it over with. Right now I’m leaning toward Mandrake 9.2 because that’s the only distro I have on CDs right now.

I’m considering Fedora as well… If it turns out that my CD is one of those that Mandrake tends to fry on spot then I’ll definitely go with Fedora. Both are based on redhat anyway, and both are supposed to have relatively painless, reliable installer…

First I have to do a major backup of all my data in case I get a crap out during partitioning or install. I’ll admit – this will be the first time I will be attempting to set up a dual boot linux system all on my own. So, better safe than sorry…

Other things to do this summer – I’m planning to actually make my eZ Dock project operational, and tweek FEMTO editor some more. I hope to actually turn it into a usable notepad replacement…

And now for something compleately different:

Woha! This thing can hold a pentabyte! Or is that penbibyte?

Personally I do not really like the new prefixes for binary multiples! I think mibibyte and gibibyte sounds really retarded when pronouced out loud. Sure, it’s kinda cool to type MiB or GiB but try to say it out loud without feeling at least a wee bit silly…

On the other hand though, I guess it is the right thing to do – because we geeks were single handedly breaking the SI system…

“No sir, Mega means 1024 not 1000…”

Since memory units are scaled in multiples of 2 (not 10 like everything else in SI) it is kindoff breaking the convention. So I guess new prefixes are a good idea… Still…

Mebibyte??? Come on – try saying it! Me-bi-byte! Sounds ridiculus!

Sigh… Still, that pentabyte machine is preaty awesome!

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