Software Patents need to go!

Patenting software is the most ridiculus concept in existence. I have yet to see ONE benefit of having them. So far they have been extensively used for frivolous, profit oriented lawsuits that never achieve anything…

Kodak is suing Sun over (out of all things) Object Oriented concepts which they patented in 91-93… These are as follows:

Integration of data between typed objects by mutual, direct invocation between object managers corresponding to object types

Multitasking computer system for integrating the operation of different application programs which manipulate data objects of different types

Integration of data between typed data structures by mutual direct invocation between data managers corresponding to data types

To me these sound extremely vague to the point of being incomprehensible. I guess one could apply these to any object oriented product.

We should really get rid of this type of patents. They are not doing anyone any good!


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