Editor Arguments Suck!

I’m reading the April 02 post on scummvm.org and I’m not sure if I should be laughing or weeping… I really don’t get why people get into this type of arguments in the first place. Who cares where the guy puts the curly braces? Personally I think curlies should be placed on a newline and aligned for easy editing, but if someone likes to append them to the end of the line – what’s the big deal?

And if you can’t deal with that, why not write a simple script that goes through the code and puts a newline and some tabs before each curly? Come on, if you are to 1337 to use anything but vi, you can hack a 5 liner that does that!

Of course every project must begin with a huge argument between vi and emacs people. If I use both does that make me a blasphemus, twofaced whore? God forbid I admit to using nano in public – that’s almost worse than being caught masturbating! I wonder what would happen if the guy said he likes notepad – would they spit on him or something?

I understand the geek factor, and the fact that there can be only one true editor but come on. Let’s lay of the kid stuff till the lunch break – if you let placement of curly braces, or editor arguments get in the way of real work, it means you are an idiot. Grow up, and get a clue!


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