No Grades?

I saw a poster at school today which claimed the grade system is unfair for both students and instructors. That we should have a pass/fail system instead. This got me thinking… What kind of retarded idiot came up with that idea? How demented does one really have to be to even make a poster like that?

Pass/Fail system is the last thing we need! I know way to many slackers who cost on D range levels and get a degree without learning anything in their major. Why should we provide an easy ride for these assholes, and take away the main incentive for the people who actually want to do the work? Especially since it is actually not all that hard to keep your GPA close to 4.0 at an average state university like mine. Hey, I did it without even trying all that hard – so it’s not impossible…

Can we please stop whining! There is nothing wrong with the grading system, and if you had actually been to half the lectures, and handed in half of the assignments you would know that!

People piss me off sometimes…


One Response to “No Grades?”

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