We are going to the moon again! Woohoo!

It’s about time! Fox News just ran this story on their website. Here’s an excerp:

” Hoping to reinvigorate America’s space program following the Columbia tragedy, President Bush will reportedly announce plans next week to build a permanent space station on the moon that could serve as a base for sending astronauts to Mars”

This is about freaking time! The space program was in low gear for years now, and I was starting to loose faith that I’m gonna see a mars landing within my lifetime. Geez, I was even loosing faith that I will see us stepping on the moon again before I die. If bush gets the space program going again, he will get some MAJOR points in my book!

Seriously this is what we need – we need to get out there, explore and discover new things, new fuels and new resources! We need to go into space! Really, this gives me a new hope of seeing a moon station in my lifetime!

Still, governmentally controled space exploration is not gonna cut it in the long run. Sending people to space is very expensive, and we will not see any profits for a long time. So there is just not enough money for both economy, and aggressive space program – something must suffer. The private sector needs to get involved – once we get corporations lounching their space mining and gathering stations, and pulling billions worth profit on exotic resources, fierce competition will start. And this will make the space exploration blossom.


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