Is TV really going “MAD” ???

Seriously, what is going on with the TV lately? Did all the execs and management people gone INSANE? No – this is not another rant about a newest idiocy dreamed up by of Scifi people. I could not care less about these dumbskulls anymore. I mean how can you treat them seriously after that UFO lawsuit stunt!

And no – I’m not talking about the ever worsening stream of raw reality TV crap *cough*parishilton*cough* which is designed for nothing else than de-braining our young generation. I’m not gonna talk about the sewage quality programming that overflows all the networks. I’m not even gonna say anything about the geniuses at FOX who cancelled EVERY single good show they ever had, and insisted on endlesly renewing all sorts of garbage.

This is about something else… See, all this time I thought that the last bastion of sanity in the TV world was Commedy Central. I mean, they deserve major credit just for airing South Park! And yes, they have some garbage programming there too – but their attempts at reality shows were at least halfway watchable, and even their reruns were of good quality. Seriously, I think this was the most watchable chanell on TV.

But as you probably noticed Commedy Centrall just sold all their SNL rerun rights to E! in exchange for rights to a pile of MadTV episodes. They just sold years worth of star studded legacy stuff in exchange for a low quality SNL ripoff sketch show specializing in toilet humor and overacting… They just sold their rights to show comedic begginings of stars such as Mike Mayers, Adam Sandler, Criss Farley, David Spade, and guest spots of countless stars in exchage for some mildly funny antics of a cast of actors that never went anywhere. They exchanged classic for crap… Where is the logic here? I just don’t get this…

Sigh… Let’s just hope they wont lent John Steward to another station, or swap Conan reruns for some garbage…


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